Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blogging: short, but sweet

For someone who uses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis, it was strange that I had never created a blog. Twitter is sort of a micro-blog, I guess, but it's still not the same. Some of my friends use Tumblr but I never really enjoyed it as much as I did the other social networks. Creating a blog for the english class was a very innovative idea in my opinion. It's cool to see college work being integrated with modern times, and not just using boring textbooks.
At first, writing the blog was sort of difficult - I was confused at how to even publish a post! I saved most of my posts as drafts by accident. I deleted posts. I screwed up the layout. I had no idea how to fix the about me section! Slowly but carefully, I constructed to blog to reflect my ideas about the class and also to reflect a little bit of my own personality. I'm not a perfect speller, but I try my best. I like inserting pictures with my insight, it felt like I allowed the reader to connect more with what I was writing about.
The blog is a very nice tool to use, and it's actually easier than I thought it would be. I especially enjoy reading my classmate's blogs, simply because I enjoy reading different points of views and perspectives. It kind of unites us in a way, because we are sharing thoughts and opinions with each other even outside of the classroom. The blog is a great tool to communicate to anyone else as well, which is nice because anybody from around the world with access with a computer can technically read what ever I write about! It's curious at how much the world has expanded in such a short time period. 
I am kind of sad to see this class go. As much as I want the semester to end, I really enjoyed being in this class simply because it was an unexpected journey. 
I believe blogging is a short, but sweet way of recording our thoughts on whatever we want, without being judged. On the contrary, blog are praised if they are filled with strong opinions! It gives me the freedom to write what I think, and I believe that is one of the most important exercises of a writer. Being able to write freely allows our creativity to flow. 
So thank you, Professor Pittmann, for allowing us to expand our creativity while expanding our knowledge, and being tech-savvy at the same time! 
It has been a very interesting experience. 

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