Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Strange eyes

Pretending to be a tourist in my own country was a harder exercise than I thought it would be. It served more as a reality check than anything else. I didn't veer off my usual routine really, it was the same old wake up, get dressed, make breakfast, go to class, come home, make dinner, study, sleep (give or take a few variations). But I did start to notice things I had not noticed before. I noticed how awful the driving is here in the metropolitan area. I'm from the south, where the driving is much more relaxed and I can honestly say that driving in San Juan is one of the most difficult things I had to adjust to when I moved up here for college. I noticed how drastically the city could change from one block to another: one minute you're staring at fancy office buildings and modern apartment complexes, when suddenly you're face to face with dilapidated shacks and street beggars.
 As I was driving southbound that Thursday, going back home, I realised how beautiful and green the island was once you exit the urbanised area. It must be peculiar for someone from let's say, inland U.S states to be able to see brilliant beaches and enormous mountains all in one day. It's funny how some Puerto Ricans are headstrong supporters of statehood, all while living in this paradise that could never compare (in my opinion) to the mainland United States. I'm not saying one is better than the other, simply that in my opinion, it would feel strange to have Puerto Rico become a state.
Anyway, at first it felt strange trying to see my everyday life through a stranger's eyes, but in the end, I guess it worked.


  1. Yes, Puerto Rico is a lovely place and it's difficult to decide if a water location or the mountains is the most beautiful. Thankfully, you don't have to choose! Don't forget to place the course information (and all the rest) on the sidebar.

    Love the custom photo background!

  2. Puerto Rico is definitely a beautiful place to live...I agree with your opinion and I think that every country has its beauty,you know it is like every country has a part of this paradise called the world. It is very difficult to choose in which part of the paradise you would like to be but I guess that's the beauty of being a traveller is that you can enjoy everyplace you can go.